Dealer Sponsor - Jack Meskunas
Dealer Liaison - Patricia Massa


Director - John “Byrd” Levy
Assistant Director - Ken Creary
Treasurer - Wyatt Gibbons
Secretary - Evana Sirabian
Activities – Stewart Hanson
Ladies of Harley - Pam Hobus
Membership - James Torres
PhotoHOGrapher - Eddie Ferrer
Safety - Mark Meadow (wlecome back)
Historian - Carlos Laboy
Editor - Peter Ruller
Webmaster - Michael Clark


John Tibbs
Armand Gervino
John Griffo
Jerry Haas
Mark Limardo
Matty O'Farrell (Head Road Captain)
Jim Pellegrino
Guy Richards
Joe Scarinci
Ken Creary

Dinner Rides - they're back!

Please come to the next mtg w/ your suggestions for where we can eat. Please take into consideration if a large group can be accomadated, parking, and price. Do the research before you suggest the venue, pls. It was suggested by Alan Brodwell that a high end/ finer dining outing also be offered on a different night. To be cont'd at the next mtg.

Chapter Patches/ T-shirts

See Ken Creary or Mark Meadow, our quartermasters, to (cash only) purchase these items.

AMA Charter

Our application was accepted and New Roc H.O.G. is now an official promoting club of the AMA. We’ve been assigned AMA Charter #2651 and our charter information is listed on the AMA website (check the links page).