Mentorship and Counseling

Published by: maddisonrobinso on 10th Nov 2015 | View all blogs by maddisonrobinso

Mentorship programs are carried out in college with the expectation that students will fill the gaps in their search for their best careers. The primary objective of forsaking all the beautiful things in life back at home is to achieve academic excellence and carve out a legacy of their own. Students go out in college with an end goal in mind, but they depend on relevant stakeholders to get there. The role of mentorship surpasses all the academic classes they have attended because it is directed to the field of specialization. However, it does not fail to highlight the need to tackle assignments and pass all the mid and end term exams.

         Professors work hand in hand with learners, but they invoke the professional assistance of counselors when the needs come up. Students are the risk of developing deviant social behaviors when they are among peers. The exposure to moral decadence can impair the way they perceive morality both at home and in school. Such learners get tempted to take drugs and resort to weird ways to prove that they are adults. However, such foolish decision reduces the chances of realizing their career and academic dreams. The role of a counselor is to show them how to get back on the right path.



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